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XR Designer

In "XR Designer" crafting your unique and stunning room is a breeze.
Browse through numerous official 3D models and wallpapers to design your space, or upload your own creations for a personalized touch.
Borrow them from your friends and get inspired.
Save, load, and edit your designs at any time to perfect your vision.
Explore your friends' rooms for ideas and invite them to experience your creations.
Unleash your creativity and design a captivating room that is truly your own in "XR Designer."
(Uploads can be made through the related service at "XRSNS".)
Click here for the "XR Designer" apps(free).
◆ Special thanks ◆
BGM: K.Y., L-side, 効果音ラボ
Model: 3D Shaker
Image: Pixabay

XR Designer How to operate

XR Designer Operations List
Move with the left stick. Rotate with the right stick.
The upper trigger on the right controller controls the menu panel.
XR Designer Operations List
XR Designer Operations List
XR Designer manipulates panels to create rooms.
Please refer to each link for details on what each panel can do.

XR Designer Terms

The XR Designer Terms and Conditions are related to the following.

XR Designer Related Sites

You can manage models, paintings, and rooms for use in XR Designer.
XR Converter
You can convert your gltf files to usdz format for iOS.
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